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Toddlers Information Evening (7.30pm – 9.30pm)

Sessions are held for families expecting their second or a subsequent child.

Introducing a new baby to your toddler can often be a challenging and unpredictable time in a family’s life. By understanding what can and often does happen, parents can minimise the disruption and prepare themselves for the challenges that lay ahead. Advance preparation is the key to making life easier for toddler and the family when the new arrival comes home.

The workshop initially sets the scene and explains why toddlers act in the way they do, helping the parents realise it is not a personal attack on them, but an expression of the toddler’s insecurity and uncertainty about the change in routine. The workshop includes practical ways parents can communicate with the toddler to alleviate the negative impact of the new baby. There is also a focus on advance preparation as a means of understanding the emotional distress felt by the toddler.

Parents come to realise that their toddler’s behaviour is normal and they learn not to place an over-emotional label on it. By learning how to focus on both the toddler and new baby, parents can prevent some of the anxiety felt by the toddler before it is aggravated.

$33.00 per person, light refreshments served.

Grandparents Information Evening (7.30pm – 9.30pm)

Grandparents play a unique role in family life and in recognition of their special contribution, the Mater has designed an educational programme which examines changes in maternity care, describes current baby care practices, as well as exploring means by which grandparents can provide support and nurture for the young family.

2018 dates:  19th April, 16th August, 15th November

$33.00 per person, light refreshments served.