The Mater

Patient Feedback

The Mater hospital is committed to our Inspired to Care framework of ensuring our patients and their loved ones feel welcomed, valued and safe. To ensure we are meeting expectations we conduct a Net Promoter Score survey for all our patients who are aged over 18 years of age and admitted overnight. The survey is sent via SMS once the patient is discharged. The survey identify’s our patient experiences and any areas needing improvement. Our Net Promoter Scores are updated Monthly.

Our Net Promoter Score for Maternity, June 2019 is 84.

Here are some June 2019 comments from our Maternity patients:

NPS Score – 10
The high standard of care for myself and my baby during our stay and the additional help with feeding, questions and classes that helped ease into the journey of motherhood.

NPS Score – 10 Maternity
The ‘around the clock’ care from all the midwives and nurses, all of whom were so professional, caring, understanding and always ever so helpful. I’ve told all my friends that the Mater is the best maternity hospital out there, don’t even bother looking anywhere else. I had both my daughters at the Mater and each time I’ve had the most wonderful experience. A very big thankyou to my midwives Dom, Deb. Jean. Pip, Sam. Bryony and many more, as well as all the support staff.!!!

NPS Score – 10 Maternity
The hospital is clean, staff are professional and helpful, food is good and constructive feedback is well received.