The Mater


The Mater Maternity team of obstetricians, midwives and nurses are committed to giving you and your baby the best possible care. Part of this care involves educating you and your partner about the various stages of pregnancy, birth and parenting which can sometimes be confusing and exhausting.

Providing information and support throughout the entire pregnancy is vital for you and your family and the Mater takes great pride in being there every step of the way.

Our aim is that by attending antenatal and postnatal classes you will feel confident and informed about pregnancy, birth and parenting.

24 Hour Maternity Education Channel

Our Maternity Education Channel has 13 informative videos on a wide range of topics including:

  • Characteristics of newborns
  • Safe sleeping
  • Breast feeding positions
  • Baby led attachment
  • Behind the Mask – real stories of new parents who’ve experienced and overcome perinatal depression and anxiety, along with insights from experts and health professionals.

Full details will be available in your room.