The Mater

Patient Feedback

The Mater hospital is committed to our Inspired to Care framework of ensuring our patients and their loved ones feel welcomed, valued and safe. To ensure we are meeting expectations we conduct a Net Promoter Score survey for all our patients who are aged over 18 years of age and admitted overnight. The survey is sent via SMS once the patient is discharged. The survey identify’s our patient experiences and any areas needing improvement.

Our Net Promoter Score for Maternity, July 2020 is +81.

Here are some recent comments from our Maternity patients:

NPS Score – 10 Maternity
The care given to me and my baby during my stay was outstanding. All the maternity staff went above and beyond for my family and I cannot thank them enough. They bit only made me comfortable physically, but they also taught us so much and showed so much care and passion for what they do.

NPS Score – 10
The amazing care of the midwives and the family rooms in the maternity ward.

NPS Score – 10 Maternity
My son was 4 weeks early, the level of care and support I received from the maternity ward staff and Special Care Nursery staff at was of an exceptional standard. At Mater you feel like the staff genuinely care about your health and well being, both from a physical and emotional point of view. I felt very well supported during my own hospital stay and that of my son’s. The staff are truly incredible. Cannot recommend highly enough!

NPS Score – 10 Maternity
Support provided by the midwifes. Special thanks to Sarah and Catherine for their support and instruction around breastfeeding.

NPS Score – 10 Maternity
I had a fantastic experience, even better than my first pregnancy. The midwives took great care of me, from the birthing (c-section), the monitoring and advice on feeding. It was phenomenal! The midwives were very understanding and empathetic and never pushed me to do anything I didn’t want to do. I would definitely go back again if I planned to have another baby.