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Private Health Insurance

It is essential that you contact your health fund soon after booking, to
ensure that you understand your level of cover and that it meets your needs.

To assist you in contacting your health fund we have listed some important questions for you to clarify with them.

  1. Have I been a member of the health fund long enough to avoid any waiting periods which may cause the health fund not to cover my hospital account?
  2. Do I need to change my level of cover to ensure my baby is covered if admitted to the Special Care Nursery?
  3. Do I (or my baby) have an excess or co-payment on my level of cover?
  4. Are there any other financial gaps that I may expect (eg. pharmacy)?
  5. Do I have any exclusions at all (not only maternity related) on my level of cover?

Multiple Pregnancy

Twin II medical bed rate will be charged when Twin II is not in Special Care. There will be no charge for Twin I.

An excess or co-payment may also be applicable depending on your health fund. This excess also applies to Special Care Nursery for Twin I and Twin II.

Hospital Account

Your hospital account will include accommodation, delivery suite/theatre fee, telephone calls and partner’s meals. The Mater has a policy of payment in full of any insurance gaps on the day of discharge.

Luxury Double Suites

There is an additional cost of $100 per night for the Luxury Double Suite, which is not refundable by Health Funds. This cost includes a double bed and all partner room service meals.

Other Accounts

You will receive a separate invoice from your obstetrician, your baby’s paediatrician and anaesthetist if applicable. You may also receive invoices from allied health providers such as physiotherapy, pathology and pharmacy.

Should you still be unsure of your financial responsibilities, contact your health fund or phone the Customer Services staff at the hospital for further assistance: 02 9900 7386 or 02 9900 7397.

Ante Natal Hospital Admissions

If it is clinically necessary for you to be admitted to the hospital prior to your confinement, you may incur hospital fees that are not covered by your health fund.

Please call our Revenue Team on +612 9900 7397 or email if you have any concerns.