The Mater

Natural Fertility Services

Pre-Conception Fertility Awareness … an alternative!

Most couples are unaware of their most fertile time. Scientifically backed, natural methods of fertility awareness have proven to have a high degree of accuracy and success, enabling women to identify their fertile time and fall pregnant in any given cycle.

Natural methods of fertility are drug and device free and non-invasive, and have had success where IVF treatments have failed. Natural Fertility Services work in conjunction with obstetricians/gynaecologists to support couples and optimise their chances of falling pregnant.

Appointments are available at the Mater Hospital, call the Head Office on 131 819 or click here to book online.

Online service
Our online instructions help in understanding your fertility, teach you how to use natural fertility planning and are provided as a supplement to personal instruction with your accredited natural fertility educator.

Regular follow up contacts by email or phone with your accredited educator, as necessary, will provide further information and clarification during the learning phase of natural fertility planning.