The Mater

Elka Whalan

Tuesday 1 May, 2012

As soon as we fall pregnant the second thought that comes to my mind after the pure joy, elation and blessing of bringing another child into the world is the Mater Maternity Ward.

Experiencing two amazing births here, their level of care is beyond what you imagine or expect. Not only do the highly trained, super friendly midwives provide expertise in all their fields from lactation advice to settling techniques for your newborn, but you feel at home in what I call a “resort”.

The rooms, education classes, meals and now, of course, high tea is purely brilliant and beyond any hospital I have known or come across.

The staff’s familiar friendly faces make you often return to just say hello and show how your baby has grown.

There is a sense of “home”, warmth, care and continual support here for all new mums.

I wouldn’t choose anywhere else to have my baby and excited to return here when our next baby enters our world. THANK YOU Mater Maternity. Your level of care and service is the standout for excellence!

Elka Whalan
Dual Olympian medallist swimming
Media tv presenter