The Mater


Q  When do I need to book in with Mater Maternity?

A  As soon as your pregnancy has been confirmed and you have booked with an Obstetrician who is accredited with the Mater (if you have not chosen an Obstetrician, see our “Find an Obstetrician” section), please phone Maternity Bookings on (02) 9900 7690 to make an appointment. Or see the Booking in page of this website.

Q Can I book a Family Room for my stay?

A Unfortunately the Family Rooms cannot be pre-booked. You will need to speak to your midwife if you wish to stay in a Family Room. Click here for more information about our Family Rooms.

Q When can I come for a tour of the Maternity Unit?

It is best to ring our Booking Office on 9900 7690 during office hours to arrange a tour.  As you will understand, during busy periods it is impossible to keep a delivery suite and room free at all times, so we will do our best to provide as comprehensive a tour as possible.  Visit our Virtual Tour for a great view of all our facilities.