The Mater

Going Home

Your doctor and midwifery staff will confirm when you and your baby are ready to go home. Expected discharge is Day 4 for uncomplicated births and Day 6 for caesarean births.

Discharge time is 9.30 am.

Before leaving the hospital please visit the Patient Services Area on the Ground Floor in order to finalise your account. Your partner is able to do this on your behalf.

Before taking your baby home for the first time, please ensure your car is correctly fitted with an Australian Standards Approved Car Restraint/Seat for a safe journey home.

Follow-up Midwife

Our Follow-up Midwife assists with the transition from hospital to home. For many women, extended hospital stays can be difficult to manage for personal and family reasons. The Mater recognises this, but wishes to ensure that all care and postnatal needs are met. Therefore, as a further extension of the Mater’s Maternity Care, you will receive a follow-up phone call in the first two days following discharge and if necessary home visits from our Followup Midwife. This service is available to women who do not require an extended stay.

Telephone Support

The Mater Maternity Unit, in conjunction with Tresillian Family Care Centres, will telephone all new mothers within the first few weeks of discharge. The purpose of the call is to determine and assist the well being of the mother and baby. In addition, the contact allows for a referral to other services and relevant support, if required.

Information about this service will be provided when you are in hospital. The telephone service is free, however some additional referrals may impose a cost, which will be discussed with you at the time of need.