The Mater

Relaxation Programs

Group relaxation

Group Mindful Relaxation is facilitated by one of our Pastoral and Spiritual Carers. All patients and visitors are welcome to attend. The session runs for approximately twenty minutes. Please consult your nurse before attending. Sessions are held weekly, to join in, call our Pastoral and Spiritual Carers on 9900 7688.

Audio-visual Relaxations

The Mater Hospital has developed two audio-visual relaxation programs as part of our holistic approach to healthcare. Often the experience of being in hospital can be unsettling. Mindful Relaxation and The Stillness Within relaxation videos can help to enhance sleep, provide a sense of inner wellbeing and self-worth, and can also help to alleviate emotional and physical pain. Both videos are available on our in-house TV channels 306 and 307.

The programs can also be downloaded for free from our main website – click here.

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